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Financial Planning is not just for the over 55s. It takes time to build wealth and security, and finding the right financial planner early can change your life. At Step Up Financial Group, our experienced, caring Money Coaches help Australians of all ages grow and protect their wealth.

Why start at 55 when you can start now?
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Grow your wealth. Protect your wealth.

Here at Step Up Financial Group, it is our absolute passion to help you grow your wealth – and protect your wealth. We call it ‘stepping up and taking control’ because there really is ‘nothing romantic about poverty.’ The small changes you make now will pay off later on and you’ll enjoy the lifestyle you deserve in retirement.

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Julie Nipperess from Step Up Financial Group


Our fully qualified, experienced money coaches and financial planning team have a proven track record of helping educate and empower hundreds of Australians in the Central West region to take control of their financial future.

But it takes more than just a qualification and over two decades in the industry.

It takes passion and perseverance, humour and humility to thrive in a region that has seen great growth, but one that has suffered the ravages of drought and all it brings.

And we’re a little different to the rest … we take a holistic approach to financial planning … meaning we understand life isn’t just all about money, but money affects every part of your life.

“You can change your circumstances; you’re in control.”

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The Step Up Financial Process

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” ~ Warren Buffet

If you don’t have a clear plan, are concerned, confused or unsure about your financial goals, we can help you step up and take control with our 5-step process.

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Step Up Financial Blog

Tax yourself!

At this time of year, everyone is talking about, or thinking about tax. So I thought I’d write about it. But, before you roll your eyes … this is not an article about your obligations to the Australian Tax Office – it’s an innovative savings strategy.

Managing money in a crisis: A 4-step plan for success.

There are certainly some positive signs of recovery, but with the virus still active and life far from being back to any sense of normality, (some borders are still closed, masks are mandatory in Melbourne, many businesses remain very cautious about the future) … it could be some months yet.

Want to save money? Start a savings jar.

There’s a great news story doing the media rounds this week, about Jim, a father of four and painting contractor in the US, who has been collecting coins for years, just by throwing the left over ‘shrapnel’ from his pockets into a jar at the end of every day.

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