Income Protection Insurance

Protecting yourself from financial hardship

Posted on June 15, 2019 by Step Up

In a very raw article recently, ‘The Conversation’ published the results of a survey of 1,100 Australians living with debt they cannot pay. It’s compelling reading and some findings are particularly poignant.

Protecting your Super

How the new changes to superannuation affect you

Posted on June 7, 2019 by Step Up

A raft of new changes to superannuation come into effect at the end of this financial year. Do you know what they mean for you?

Superwomen look after Superannuation.

Superwomen look after their Superannuation.

Posted on May 29, 2019 by Step Up

Women earn less, save less, spend more and live longer. So, we need to make our Superannuation our Superpower, because when the time comes to stop work and head into retirement, we need to make sure we’ve got enough.

Step Up Money education

Money Education

Posted on May 13, 2019 by Step Up

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’ve got, becoming ‘money wise’ is a skill you can learn.

Financial Planning at 30s

Financial Planning at every age

Posted on April 30, 2019 by Step Up

Getting professional help to get on top of your finances is a personal decision. But it can really make the difference between living an ‘ordinary’ life – that is, getting by, paying the bills, saving a little …. And living a comfortable life, with your money working hard, so eventually, you won’t have to.

Co- buying a Real Estate

Buying property with family or friends: Is it worth it?

Posted on April 18, 2019 by Step Up

Housing affordability is top of mind for many young Australians who are not yet in the property market, and right now, with property prices ‘cooling’ across the major cities, many property experts are encouraging first home buyers to take advantage while property prices are more negotiable.


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