Step Up Budgeting

Wait! Stop!

Don’t run for the hills…

We know what you’re thinking. ‘B’ is for budget. And ‘B’ is for ‘Boring!’

And sure, maybe you’re not a money geek (like we are – we DO get excited by numbers) but here’s our promise – you will too, when you realise that within the budget lie the keys to your bright financial future.

At Step Up, we’ve developed a FREE downloadable worksheet, to make budgeting easy.


And here’s what we recommend:

Put aside some quiet time. Pour yourself your favourite drink, make a snack, and then write down everything you think you spend.

After you’ve done this, cobble together three months’ worth of bank statements and go over in detail what you really, actually, honestly spend.

Then compare the results!

This is it. The moment of truth…

…and the moment you gain control of your spending.

Practice of budgeting

See those places where you’re spending unwisely?

See those places you’re haemorrhaging cash? Why is this happening? More importantly, what are you going to do about it?

The simple practice of budgeting connects you with your money like nothing else can. It enables you to see clearly what you earn – and more importantly – what you spend.

Because frankly, if you earn $75,000 a year and you spend MORE than that, eventually, you’ll be no better off than someone on a fixed welfare payment struggling to make ends meet.

And what’s more, the only difference between you and the financial freedom you dream of is having this comprehensive budget information. Because then you can ensure that your spending is in check; you’re saving what you can.

Then, you can take the next step, and that’s making your savings work for you, so they grow over the long term.

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