Case Studies


Income protection insurance wasn’t at the top of 23-year-old Michael’s priorities, but it ended up saving his family financially.

Brett and Fiona

Brett and Fiona believe growing your wealth is about long-term strategies…there’s no ‘quick fix’ solution. Here’s how Julie and the team at Step Up secured their financial future.

Ben and Laura

Ben and Laura’s decision to secure income protection insurance provided a much-needed financial safety net. Are you protecting your finances?

Dale Brackenhofer

“They just don’t teach this stuff in school,” says Dale. “I knew I wasn’t managing my money as well as I could, but my initial conversation with Julie blew me away.”

Ben Hopkins

“I wanted to make sure I had all my financial stuff done right. It turns out I didn’t. They don’t teach you about superannuation at school, and I’d already bought…

Matt and Maddison

Matt, a young professional working in the mining industry, and his wife Maddison, were expecting their first baby when they went to meet with Julie…

Fahina and Shandelle Talanoa

For Fahina and Shandelle Talanoa, the past three years have represented safety, security and an increased confidence in the future.

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