Cindy Carnie

Cindy Carnie

Client Services Specialist

Client Services Specialist Cindy Carnie started her career at one of the big banks and worked her way up through the ranks over 23 years.

She’s the kind of person who gets excited when she talks about money and feels passionately about teaching young ones the value of money.

Happy, bright and positive, Cindy brings laughter and life to the Step Up office.

And with her extensive experience in finance, she knows what she’s good at and how best to help people achieve their dreams.

“I love helping people, and I get great satisfaction from knowing people are heading in the right direction. My knowledge has grown and expanded since being with Julie and the Step Up team.”

With 11-year-old twins, Cindy also knows what she needs to do to make sure they are financially independent.

“We do put money aside for them, but if the kids want to buy something, they need to think hard and save for it. It’s our responsibility to teach them the value of money.”

And when she’s not hard at work, or on their 2500 acre sheep farm, Cindy enjoys walking on the beach with her kids, planning for the future and slowing down long enough to appreciate what she has in life.

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