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Uh oh. Have you found yourself in some serious debt?

First of all, take a big breath and realise that you’re not alone.

Aussies collectively owe more than $45 million in credit card debt alone, and one in six are struggling to repay it.*

The problem with credit cards, rent-to-buy, no-deposit, after-pay and all of the other numerous schemes available is that they’re all high-interest finance – some of the most expensive finance there is.


On top of this, usually the contracts are laden with hidden fees and charges. So, once you miss a repayment or two, it’s not difficult (or uncommon) to hit a downward spiral.

It can be hard to recover from. And it can be overwhelming. The good news is, there is a way out.

There are numerous strategies available, but one of the most common is debt consolidation – rolling all your debts into one single, less expensive personal loan, which means one simple monthly payment that’s easy to keep track of, and which should reduce your re-payment amount, too.

But specialist help is needed, and at Step Up, our team has the expertise you need…

Repaying debt

…especially if your credit rating is sliding.

Under Australia’s new Comprehensive Credit Reporting Scheme it’s really important to have a good track record of repaying your debt, because a bad credit rating can affect your chances of borrowing in the future.

And, because here at Step Up, we’re always looking at the bigger, long-term picture, we can help you set a realistic budget, put mechanisms in place so you don’t fall back into the debt-trap and coach you every step of the way.

Make an appointment to talk to us. We’ll get you back on track.

*Source ASIC 2018

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