Direct share portfolios and research

Idea of investing

Are you one of those people who likes the idea of investing in shares but feel you don’t have enough nous?

That’s exactly where we can help.

There’s really no right or wrong way to invest. In fact, at Step Up, we encourage people to choose stocks and shares in companies they find inspiring, or in industries they’re passionate about.

But – the share market has its ups and downs. Navigating it can be a full-time job. The Step Up team are experts at this – we live and breathe the market so you don’t have to.

Expert in investments

Research, keeping on top of news, trends and other information that can affect individual companies or sectors, plus software that gives us moment-by-moment movements are tools of the professional financial planner’s trade so we can stay abreast of your investments.

It doesn’t mean you lose total control.

At Step-Up we partner with clients. It’s your investment; we just help you to manage it wisely and make decisions that keep moving you forward. So contact us, and let’s get together! 

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