What is Superannuation?

The superannuation scheme was set up by the Australian Federal Government in the 1980s.

It runs nation-wide, and it is designed to help you save for your retirement.

It is made up of up of employer contributions, your own personal contributions and sometimes additional Government contributions.

So, when you start work for the very first time, you choose a super fund, and then throughout your working life money is deposited into the fund and is invested by the fund’s trustee, who aims to grow your account balance while you are still working, so that when you’ve reached retirement age you can convert it to a pension that will give you money to live on.

What is Superannuation

Most people make minimum contributions and hope for the best. But this doesn’t have to be you!

Superannuation is highly regulated and pretty complex so it helps to get the advice of a financial planner to help you understand how you can really make your superannuation grow. At Step Up, we have an experienced and knowledgeable team to help you.

By making extra contributions (inside the mandated annual cap), having the right fund for you and regularly reviewing your super, [LINK TO BLOG] you can make the difference between a ‘ho-hum’ retirement and a humdinger!

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