Fahina and Shandelle Talanoa

Fahina and Shandelle

For Fahina and Shandelle Talanoa, the past three years have represented safety, security and an increased confidence in the future.

“We never thought about financial advice until we met Julie… she really opened our eyes and made us think and reassess our future.

We had no idea about how to look after our finances. We thought we knew, but Julie’s impact on our financial outcome has been unbelievable.

In the past we just spent and didn’t think about the future.”

Step Up Fahina and Shandelle Talanoa

Fahina didn’t believe he needed a financial adviser.

He had an idea about what a financial adviser did and never believed it was right for them.

“I thought they’d just take your money and sell you insurance… I was so wrong.”

Knowledgeable and passionate about their success and security, Julie was able to positively change the way the Talanoas thought about their financial future.

In their eyes, she opened up a whole new world.

Fahina & Shandelle

“Everything Julie says has been positive, and the way she explains things, in language we can understand (i.e. non-financial jargon) has been brilliant. Our level of financial literacy was pretty low… but she helped us understand and focus on the big picture.

I need to know where we’re at… and I do with Julie.”

Fahina and Shandelle were doing what most young families do… they were focusing on bringing up their three children, running their property and managing their jobs day to day.

They admit they didn’t know much about their superannuation and took it for granted.

“We were just plodding along, not focused on anything past tomorrow. We thought it would be okay… we had no real issues, but no real plan either.

Fahina & Shandelle Talanoa

All we were doing was working to pay the mortgage. Julie changed all that.”

The challenge was first to break down their expenses and work out where everything was going and why. For the Talanoas, this information was a real eye opener.

“We both had good incomes, but at the end of every financial year we had nothing to show for it. Where did our money go?”

And once they’d worked this out, there was immense satisfaction. They had something to show for their hard work… and were starting to understand how to handle their money.

Fahina and Shandelle Case Study

Through a well-managed financial plan, including salary sacrifice and consolidating multiple super funds, the last three years have been a real game changer.

“It’s been incredibly satisfying. I’ve enjoyed watching our super grow.

My only regret is that we didn’t start this earlier.”

Their enthusiasm about Julie’s impact on their lives is intoxicating.

“The way she explained the process to us… we walked out of that first meeting excited about what the future held… and the possibilities.

You need that one person who knows and understands… and can help you.”

Fahina & Shandelle Talanoa Case Study

Supporting one daughter through uni and two still at high school, the Talanoas know what’s in store over the next ten years.

But they also know what their bottom line is… how well they’re placed for a comfortable retirement.

“I’m excited to think my future is better than I thought it would be,” says Shandelle.

Fahina and Shandelle both have life insurance and income protection insurances and are looking to get an investment property in the next few years.

And for the Talanoas, Julie’s understanding of rural living and the differences between rural and city life were crucial…

“She understands the needs of the farming community… because she lives in the community.”

Julie has taught them to rely on their own financial success. And to get focused on the future. How to retire, and retire comfortably. And for this hardworking family of five, it’s been an absolute game changer.

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