Funding retirement: 65+ years

Are you aged 65 or over?

Are you close to retirement or already there?

While funding your retirement can seem like a complicated business, it’s important to remember that these are the years when you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour and the lifestyle you deserve.

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More than just money

Here at Step Up Financial Group, we recognise that wealth is more than just money. It’s the freedom to live the way you choose.

But to be able to enjoy this freedom, you need to have a plan… and a very, very good financial adviser.

The team members at Step Up Financial are not only expert financial planners, but we’re a little different to the rest. While we know that money affects every part of your life (particularly in retirement), we understand that life isn’t all about money!

That’s why we take a holistic approach to financial planning. We guide, nurture, motivate, inspire, educate and empower you to grow and protect your wealth, and we help you choose the most appropriate superannuation and investment structure so that you can continue to live the very best life possible. For as long as possible.

Optimise your wealth in retirement

We have helped thousands of retirees carefully consider their financial strategy in retirement and adjust to suit their circumstances. Whether you’re living the ‘Grey Nomad’ life, making a sea change or preparing for assisted living, planning now is crucial to achieving your desired lifestyle.

We can design and provide tailored and flexible advice on:

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Transition-to-retirement strategies

Reaching preservation age means you can access your superannuation as an income stream. A transition-to-retirement income stream may allow you to reduce working hours as you approach retirement, fund salary sacrifice contributions and reduce personal debt.

Tax and contribution strategies

We’ll help you make the most of your assets with a range of tax and contribution strategies. We’ll regularly review your desired income for retirement and optimise it through superannuation, pension and salary sacrifice options.

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Cash flow and debt management

Directing surplus cash flow and reviewing how to pay off your mortgage and manage investment debt (if you still have these) are critical parts of the process. We can advise on appropriate strategies to achieve these goals.

Superannuation and self managed super funds (SMSFs)

It’s critical to maximise the benefits of superannuation, so you can really grow your wealth in retirement. We’ll advise on salary sacrificing, after-tax contributions, defined benefit scheme contributions and establishing an SMSF, if it is suitable to do so. As SMSF specialists, we can support you through the process to determine if this is the most appropriate structure to support your retirement objectives.

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SMSF succession planning

It’s important that SMSF trustees consider that, over time, external factors and unforeseen events can potentially change your priorities and those of your SMSF, and limit your ability to make decisions or operate your fund. We work with you to create a tailored SMSF succession plan that helps to provide certainty for your beneficiaries and help mitigate related risks.

Estate planning

Estate planning means that the transfer of your wealth to your beneficiaries is seamless and minimises their tax liability, providing maximum asset protection. Your tailor-made plan will achieve your desired distribution of wealth in a tax-effective way. Our strategies include tax management and reduction strategies and inheritance protection.

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Aged care advice

Planning for aged care can be a very stressful time, because as we get older, our living arrangements may need to change, sometimes quickly.

Aged care options can be complex and confusing, including assisted living in the home and residential care. Navigating these options and finding the best way to structure finances to pay for aged care needs to be done with care and consideration… and experience. We provide a clear and effective solution.

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We know this region… and its people

We’re fiercely proud to be one of the Central West’s leading financial planners and financial advisers. Our deep understanding of the region and its people means we’re able to offer you a unique outlook and tailor-made financial plans for retirement.

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