Retirement Planning

Ready to retire

Ready to retire?

What a wonderful stage of life!

You’ve worked hard, and now you deserve to spend your post-working life doing what you love and really enjoying yourself.

So, don’t let financial worries get in the way.

The key to retirement planning is to plan early – and to make sure you’ve got enough funds to cover any eventuality. Ideally, your retirement should figure in all the plans you make in life.

Even if it seems years away, the sooner you start to put money aside, the better off you’ll be, because it will be maturing along the way, adding to your nest egg.

Aged Care Advice

Happy 50th birthday!

If you’ve reached the big 5-0 milestone, then it’s definitely time to start your retirement planning. Because, at this point, if you find your super is not going to be enough, you’ve still got a whole decade to knuckle down and make your super work harder.

There are other investment strategies you can consider too, plus factor in the value of any property or other assets that you can cash in when the time comes to stop working.

Ready for retirement

Aged care advisory services

And, although it can be daunting to face, you need to ponder your health and the possibility of eventually needing aged care services or an aged care facility placement. These can be costly, and they are all very different.

Aside from financial costs, you need to weigh up the type and quality of care, as well as where you will be comfortable and happy. These are not easy decisions to make, but if you research a little, then you can draw up a shortlist for when the time comes.

While it’s hard to predict the future, it’s important to plan for it.

Our aim here at Step Up is to provide you with information, empower you to make choices and give yourself oodles of confidence when it comes to your retirement planning. When the time comes, we want you to sit back and relax. You’ve earned it.

Our team of financial planners are here to help every step of the way.

What does a financial planner do?

As fully qualified, experienced financial planners, we’re able to help you through retirement planning so that you can rest easy. We also provide financial services, including advice on:

And we encourage your pathway based on your own individual circumstances and values.

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