Growing Your Wealth: How Long-Term Strategies Helped Brett and Fiona

Growing your wealth is just like growing a crop, with the seeds you sow now affecting your financial ‘harvests’ for years to come.

We spoke to Brett and Fiona, two of Step Up Financial’s original clients, about how Julie and the team have ensured they will reap the benefits of their financial ‘crops’ for years to come.

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All in the family

Brett and Fiona met with several financial advisors in the past but always felt like they were just a transaction… until they met Julie.

“We’ve been with Julie for close to a decade… well before she even began Step Up Financial,” says Brett.

“We saw other financial planners in the past, but they were always impersonal… and they were all about the numbers. But with Julie, it’s like we became part of a family.”

And like family, they have stayed, still working together several years later. Julie has even worked with Brett and Fiona’s 21-year-old son.

“Julie has been so great with our son,” Brett says.

“She has helped him get to a place where he already owns his own home and is looking at investment properties… at 21!

She is just so passionate about teaching healthy money habits early, before any bad habits can creep in. We’re so happy he’s learnt how to manage his money effectively and is in a good place.”

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Long-term vision

While Julie and the team at Step Up Financial have helped Brett’s family with a range of financial services, one thing has always remained consistent – it is all about the long-term.

“It’s always long-term oriented with Julie,” says Brett.

“She might give you advice that doesn’t feel good in the short-term, but it always helps you in the future.”

One of the most important ways Julie has helped Brett and Fiona is with their superannuation.

“When we first started seeing Julie, I was working in the mining industry and my superannuation was a bit tricky,” Brett says.

“My wife and I had a lot of money going into our superannuation, but it wasn’t very structured and our money wasn’t working for us, so to speak.

But Julie helped us navigate our way through, give it some structure and really leverage our superannuation.”

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Tailored to the client

But perhaps the most important aspect of Julie’s service is the way she treats her clients and really wants what’s best for them.

“Julie and the team just care… it’s as simple as that,” Brett says.

“They care about your situation, where you’re going and the best way to get you there.”

Julie focuses on the individuals and their situations, their challenges and their goals, helping them live the life they want.

“I had a business on the side for years, which Julie helped me set up,” Brett says.

“Julie knew I wanted to make that my sole focus and she was able to help me get to a position where I was able to leave my job of twenty years in the mining industry and go full-time in my business.

It was life-changing. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of Julie and everything she has done for me and my family.”

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