Personal insurance and wealth protection

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Are you adequately insured?

Sure, you might have some cover in your industry superannuation, or taken out a policy when you signed up a mortgage.

But did you know that often these ‘generic’ types of cover don’t actually offer you real protection?

In fact, according to the statistics, as many as 95% of Australians are either not insured at all, or are substantially underinsured – paying premiums for cover that won’t really protect them when they need it.

Step Up Personal Insurance

That’s why it’s important to assess what YOU need and what your family needs.

Insurance is not only protection for when the unexpected happens, it will ensure that your bills are paid, you can keep the roof over your head and your savings intact.

This is wealth protection – so you don’t erode your assets just trying to keep on top of expenses.

The right insurance means peace of mind, leaving you free to focus solely on whatever life event you need to get through.

Trauma Insurance, Permanent and Total Disability, Income Protection and Life Insurance are the main four types of insurance to consider if you have large debts and dependents.

  • Trauma Insurance is sometimes called critical illness cover. More than medical insurance, it provides a lump sum to cover immediate medical expenses and other financial needs when a critical illness or injury occurs. You can also protect your children with Trauma Insurance.
  • Permanent and Total Disability Insurance (TPD) is designed to help take the pressure off you financially if you suffer an illness or injury that leaves you totally and permanently disabled. This can be used to eliminate debts, pay for medical expenses or fund permanent lifestyle changes.
  • Income Protection is cover which will protect you if you can no longer work.
  • Life Insurance or death cover is designed to help those you leave behind after you die. It will enable them financially when you are no longer around.

Make an appointment to talk to us – we can help you work through what personal insurance you’ve got and what you might need.

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