Ben and Laura: How protecting their finances safeguarded their family

Based in the scenic countryside town of Cowra, Ben and Laura have three school-aged children, so effectively protecting their finances has been a high priority for some time.

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A professional relationship built on trust

Having been clients of Julie Nipperess for many years, they didn’t hesitate to make the move when she ventured out on her own and established Step Up Financial Group.

“We’ve been with Julie for a long time,” Ben says.

“We were working with her in her previous role and followed her when she built Step Up Financial Group.”

Over the years they have built a successful professional relationship that is full of trust.

“She was the first financial planner we’ve used and we’ve been so happy with her advice over the years,” Ben says.

“She has always given us great service. She knows our situation, our priorities and our challenges.”

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Protecting their finances

One of the biggest challenges Ben and Laura have had to endure began around two years ago, when Laura was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

As she was no longer able to work, Laura’s diagnosis not only proved physically and emotionally difficult, but had the potential to cause significant financial stress for the young family.

“Thankfully, Julie has always looked after our insurance,” Ben says.

“She has really been great at managing that aspect of our finances and I would say it’s a real strength of hers.”

Julie’s skill in managing personal insurance paid off for the couple, particularly after Laura’s diagnosis.

“Having Julie set up our life insurance and income protection insurance has been so important,” Ben notes.

“The financial support Laura has received through her insurance has been so important, and without that insurance income it would be a completely different story… I don’t know what we would have done.”

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Protecting their future

While the insurance aspects of Ben and Laura’s financial plan has been integral to reducing stress in their day-to-day lives, Julie’s assistance with superannuation has taken the stress out of their financial future.

“Julie manages our superannuation as well and we are really pleased,” Ben says.

“She has always been good for us and it’s a relief to know our money and financial future are in capable hands.

The team at Step Up Financial provides a really great service and we are so happy to be working with them.”

Are you ready to Step Up and take control of YOUR financial future?

As fully qualified, experienced financial planners, Julie and our team of financial planners are able to help you, based on your own individual circumstances and values.

We’re able to help you understand, grow and manage your money.

Using the Step Up Financial Process we help you launch the plan that will grow your wealth, protect your wealth and keep you in control.

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