Financial goals for your 30s

It takes time to build wealth and security, so the financial goals for your 30s are about laying the foundations. These years are the perfect time to consolidate your finances, grow your wealth and make sure you are prepared for your future… no matter what happens.

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1. Become a budgeting expert

While your 30s can be some of your biggest earning years in terms of career, it’s also the decade typically associated with kids, hefty mortgage repayments and an increased cost of living.

So, if you’re not already on top of your budget and cash flow, now is the time to take control.

Budgeting is the number one tool that will get you where you want to be… it provides both the foundation and the framework for your financial success. If you struggle with budgeting, don’t fret… it’s just a matter of changing your ‘money mindset’.

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2. Take control of your debts

Taking control of your budget not only allows you to manage your cash flow effectively, but it ensures you are on track with your debt management. Whether it is HECS debt, credit card hangovers or car loans, taking control of your debts is vital.

Thankfully, there are numerous debt management strategies available.

One of the most common is debt consolidation – rolling all your debts into one single, less expensive personal loan – which means one simple monthly payment that’s easy to keep track of, and which should reduce your repayment amount, too.

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3. Sow your money seeds

Your 30s are the prime ‘wealth accumulator’ years, so it’s important to start sowing your money seeds now.

Whether it’s choosing a high-growth superannuation investment option, SMSF, opening a direct share portfolio, or buying an investment property… it’s never too early to start growing your wealth.

Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘sure thing’ when it comes to investments… but you can diversify to minimise risk.

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4. Protect yourself

According to the statistics, as many as 95% of Australians are either not insured at all, or are substantially underinsured – paying premiums for personal insurance that won’t really protect them when they need it.

That’s why it’s important to assess what YOU need and what your family needs.

The right kind of personal insurance protects you and protects your finances when the unexpected happens.

It will ensure that you can pay your bills and that you can keep the roof over your head and your savings intact.

This is wealth protection – so you don’t erode your assets just trying to keep on top of expenses.

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