Financial goals for your 60s… and beyond

Here at Step Up Financial Group, we recognise that wealth is more than just money. It’s the freedom to live the way you choose… at every stage of your retirement. Your financial goals for your 60s and beyond will be personal to you and the type of lifestyle you want to lead in your golden years.

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Active years

Your ‘active retirement’ years are the early years of your retirement, where you may be transitioning out of the paid workforce, travelling more and considering that sea change.

There are a number of financial strategies that can make each of these transitions easier.

Transition-to-retirement strategies

Reaching ‘preservation’ age means you are able to access your superannuation funds as an income stream.

A transition-to-retirement superannuation income stream may allow you to reduce your working hours as you approach retirement, fund salary sacrifice contributions and reduce any personal debt.

Cash flow and debt management

Directing any surplus cash flow into your mortgage and reviewing strategies for managing any investment debts (if you still have these) are critical parts of the process. The team at Step Up Financial can provide expert advice on appropriate cash flow and debt management strategies that can help you achieve these pre retirement.

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Quiet years

The quiet retirement years are generally spent closer to home, enjoying time with family and friends. While you may not be spending on international holidays or property investments, it is just as important to enjoy these years without financial stress.

Tax and contribution strategies

There are a number of ways you can make the most of your assets with various tax and contribution strategies, which can help fund your retirement years.

At Step Up Financial, we’ll regularly review your desired income for your stage of retirement and optimise it through superannuation, pension and salary sacrifice options.

Superannuation and self-managed super funds (SMSFs)

Maximising the benefits of superannuation is critical during your retirement years, so you can continue to support yourself, and your family, during retirement. We can advise you on salary sacrificing, after-tax contributions, defined benefit scheme contributions and establishing an SMSF, if it is suitable to do so. As SMSF specialists, we can support you through the process to determine if this is the most appropriate structure to support your retirement objectives.

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Frail years

Working with a financial advisor can help you prepare for any eventuality in your frail years of retirement. Whether it is advice about aged care, health insurance or estate planning, it is important to make sure you are financially prepared.

Aged care advice

Planning for aged care can be a very stressful time, because as we get older, our living arrangements may need to change, sometimes quickly.

Aged care options can be complex and confusing, including assisted living in the home and residential care. Navigating these options and finding the best way to structure finances to pay for aged care needs to be done with care and consideration… and experience. We provide a clear and effective solution.

Estate planning

Estate planning means that the transfer of your wealth to your beneficiaries is seamless and minimises any tax liability, providing maximum asset protection for your loved ones. A tailor-made plan will achieve your desired distribution of wealth in a tax-effective way. Our strategies include tax management and reduction strategies and inheritance protection.

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Protect yourself

According to the statistics, as many as 95% of Australians are either not insured at all, or are substantially underinsured – paying premiums for personal insurance that won’t really protect them when they need it.

That’s why it’s important to assess what YOU need and what your family needs.

The right kind of personal insurance protects you and protects your finances when the unexpected happens. It will ensure that you can pay your bills and that you can keep the roof over your head and your savings intact.

This is wealth protection – so you don’t erode your assets just trying to keep on top of expenses.

How can Step Up Financial help?

As fully qualified, experienced financial planners, we’re able to help you understand and manage your cash flow more effectively. We also provide financial services, including advice on:

And we encourage your pathway based on your own individual circumstances and values.

Are you ready to Step Up and take control of YOUR financial future?

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